Make Good Things Happen


I’ve never lived outside of Kentucky. Most of my life has been spent right here in Warren County. On our honeymoon, we toured for a week in Mexico. On mission, I’ve been to Honduras (twice) and to Haiti. We lived in Louisville for 6 years, while I studied at the seminary; then we came back to Woodburn. And I’m still here. It’s always been a dream for me to see more of the world. Item #13 on my personal bucket list is to “see the churches and museums of Europe,” but I never really thought I would. Until now.

Last August, in honor of my 20th anniversary in ministry, the congregation gave us the trip of a lifetime, to the place of our choosing. So let me tell you what we’ve chosen to do for our trip. Kacy and I will be taking a 2-week cruise along the northern shores of the Mediterranean Sea! Along these shores are some of the most important cities of antiquity—places like Marseille, Florence, Rome, Athens. I will finally be able to see the ancient churches and museums that I’ve only read and dreamed about.

Remember, I have a background in art history and a passion for church history. I’ll not only be able to visit Arles (where Vincent van Gogh lived and painted), I’ll also visit Athens and Rome (where Paul walked and preached) and Crete (where Paul and Titus planted churches). I know some of you were hoping our journey would include and excursion to the Holy Land—and I was, too—but we’ve chosen this particular itinerary based on what options were available during our time of travel.

Also, we chose based on the plan that would allow us to see and visit the greater number of places. As long as we live, we may never have an opportunity like this again. That’s why we’re so deeply appreciative of the gift. This is the priceless trip of a lifetime. Kacy and I will go, we’ll take it all in, and we’ll come back and share our stories with you. I only wish you were all going with me—truly, I do. I’ll be out of the pulpit a couple more times than usual this summer, and I’ve lined up a great schedule of teachers and preachers.

Some of them are from inside the church and some are from outside; all of them will be fantastic! You don’t want to miss a single Sunday or Wednesday. Travels aside, this is going to be a summer to remember for all of us at Woodburn! We’ve got Vacation Bible School coming up and students of all ages going to camp. Lord willing, we will hire a new Student Pastor and prepare to launch Journey Church. This summer, we’ll celebrate new salvations with baptism at the creek, and we’ll celebrate all the volunteers who make good things happen in the life of our church.