Why We Need To Thank God Even If We Don’t Feel Blessed

Christians regularly say, “God is great!” Then in the following breath, we express gratitude toward God for His decency in an explicit circumstance. I heard it when the life of a debilitated kid was saved. What’s more, when a biopsy returned considerate. Also, when an occupation in peril was spared. What’s more, when an insubordinate adolescent swung back to God.

Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about when the youngster passes on or the test outcomes return “disease” or the activity is lost or the adolescent stays away forever? Is God great at that point? Would we be able to at present be thankful to God?

Truly. God is great constantly. The Bible says as much. God can’t be great one minute and not the following. He can’t be great in one circumstance and not another.

A Facebook post I read quite recently made me think about this reality. The Facebook companion stated, “God is great!” And then she nitty gritty all the ongoing positive happenings throughout her life as the confirmation.

This truly disturbed me. In any case, at that point I understood I’ve done it as well. I’ve expressed gratitude toward God and proclaimed His decency when things turned out the manner in which I’d trusted. In any case, was that in light of the fact that my conditions were simple? Shouldn’t something be said about the occasions when my conditions are hard? Would it be a good idea for me to just express gratitude toward God when my life is free of inconvenience and trouble? Is that the main time God is great?

The Bible trains that our conditions don’t manage or characterize God’s integrity. God’s character manages His decency. God is great constantly. In this way, we can live with a consistent mentality of appreciation regardless of our conditions.

God is Good All the Time

Here are a couple of certainties from Scripture to enable us to build up a right comprehension of the decency of God:

God’s will for our lives is great (Romans 12:2). Some of the time – indeed, regularly – His will incorporates preliminaries and trouble that He utilizes for our refinement.

In every way, in all conditions, our great God is working for our great. “Furthermore, we realize that in everything God works for the benefit of the individuals who adore Him, who have been called by His motivation” (Romans 8:28).

The confirmation of God’s decency empowers us to “offer gratitude in all conditions” (1 Thessalonians 5:18) and to announce in simple occasions and tough occasions, “God is great!”

Living in the Truth of God’s Goodness

Since God is great constantly, regardless of our conditions, how about we enable that reality to affect our day by day lives and the manner in which we talk and identify with others. Here are a couple of proposals:

Keep in mind that God is great constantly. Not exactly when things are going the manner in which we need them to.

Express gratitude toward Him for His integrity in each life circumstance.

Be delicate to people around us who are confronting troublesome and difficult conditions.

Proclaim His decency in each condition, especially in the difficult occasions.

Changing our comprehension about God’s integrity can change how we approach each situation of life and every individual we experience. God is great constantly!

For what reason Should We Be Thankful?

A few Hebrew and Greek words are deciphered as “thank,” “much appreciated,” and “thanksgiving” in the Bible. In any case, they all mirror reality that our great God merits the appreciation and acclaim of His kin. Appreciation is the correct reaction to God and His effortlessness in our lives.

God needs our thanksgiving and directions us to be grateful. He needn’t bother with anything from us however He expects us to react to his identity and what He does with appreciation.

“I needn’t bother with the bulls you forfeit; I needn’t bother with the blood of goats. What I need rather is your actual on account of God; I need you to satisfy your pledges to the Most High. Trust me stuck in an unfortunate situation, and I will safeguard you, and you will give me greatness.” (Psalm 50:13-15, NLT)

We don’t merit anything, yet God gives. We don’t merit absolution or salvation, yet God expands it. Each beneficial thing in our lives is a demonstration of elegance from our adoring and kind glorious Father. Indeed, even quality and perseverance in the midst of trouble are elegance endowments from God

Offering gratitude to God for His leniency and consideration is a gift and a benefit. It moves our demeanor and makes us more mindful of God’s action in our lives. It lowers us and enables us to see exactly how really extraordinary our God is!

Would it be a good idea for us to Thank God Even When Times Are Hard?

The Apostle Paul demonstrated to us generally accepted methods to express gratefulness to God in spite of our conditions. Preliminaries, trouble, and abuse filled Paul’s life, yet he intentionally worked on thanksgiving. He called the congregation to a consistent state of mind of appreciation even in the midst of trouble. For example, when the congregation in Thessalonica endured abuse, Paul composed:

“Cheer dependably, implore constantly, offer gratitude in all conditions; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, NIV).

Also, from jail in Rome, Paul energized the Philippians:

“Try not to be on edge about anything, yet in each circumstance, by supplication and appeal, with thanksgiving, present your solicitations to God. Also, the tranquility of God, which rises above all understanding, will watch your hearts and your brains in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:6-7, NIV).

Paul realized that notwithstanding when our physical conditions are critical, God is available and God is working for our great and His wonder. Deliberately concentrating on giving Him thanks opens the way to satisfaction and harmony even amidst grief and battle.

4 Reasons to Thank God in a bad position

Regardless of whether we’re amidst some preliminary, trouble, or despair right now we can in any case thank the Lord for his identity and what He has improved the situation us.

The essayist of Psalm 118 sets the case for us. He knew inconvenience. His life had not been simple. He had been sold out and assaulted. What’s more, he had felt gotten in a miserable and risky circumstance with no chance to get out.

Be that as it may, amidst those preliminaries, he additionally encountered God’s own mediation for his sake. In Psalm 118:8-14, the psalmist vouched for God’s liberation and offered his thanks. In this section, we discover various motivations to express gratitude toward God when we confront times of inconvenience:

God is our shelter – When storms are seething surrounding us, we can generally discover wellbeing in God’s quality. He is our haven from the tempest. “God is our asylum and quality, an ever-present help in a bad position” (Psalm 46:1). Other individuals may not be completely dependable, but rather God can generally be trusted. Other individuals may not generally be trustworthy, but rather we can rely upon God in any and each circumstance. Like the psalmist, when we’re stuck in an unfortunate situation, how about we say thanks to God that He is our asylum. When we shroud ourselves in Him, He will be our safe house!

God is our defender – When individuals and conditions battle against us, we don’t need to ponder or stress over triumph. God Himself runs with His kin and battles for them (Deuteronomy 30:3-4). At the point when the psalmist was encompassed and swarmed by his foes, triumph got through the name of the LORD. Do you ever feel “swarmed by adversaries?” Call on the name of the LORD. Express gratitude toward Him that He is your defender!

God is our quality – “The LORD is my quality, and my melody; He has turned into my salvation” (Psalm 118:14). God spares! He will convey us through issue with the quality of His strength. He is our motivation to sing, so given us a chance to lift a melody of acclaim and thanksgiving to the God who is our quality!

God is great constantly! – Because God is great, He is working in the entirety of our conditions for our definitive great and for His brilliance!

Our great God is our asylum, our defender, and our quality! On the off chance that we can name no different gifts throughout our life today, we can express gratitude toward God for these. How about we express gratitude toward Him today, particularly in a bad position.

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